A simple guide detailing all LOCKED Chest Locations in I am Setsuna.

How do I open Locked chests!? Don’t worry about it man. It happens after a certain storyline point, and you CANNOT MISS IT. So don’t pull your hair out finding the key!

Map Locked Chest Location
Nive Harbor Inside the only house.
Nive Village Hug left from entrance, near log pile.
Dazzshire Woods Very near entrance.
Forgotten Shore 2nd clearing.
Purikka Upper leftmost area.
Serendale II Across the bridge, right.
Frost Caves Left of first intersection.
Floneia Citadel Entrance, follow right then go up.
Mysleigh Forest Go right in the “upper cross”. (near exit)
Tenderville Northmost middle house.
Airship Beside savepoint. (inside)
Morbrise Near the Spritnite Eaten squirrel. (near exit)
Hiddbury Inside Chief’s house.
Twallusk Mountain Up on “cutscene intersection”.
Royburg Middle top house, inside.
Blackwhelm Cave Down on the “large room intersection”
Floeberg Waters III Right on the first intersection.
Archimell 3rd intersection – left.
Archimell II after tele, up and left.
Gatherington Lower right most part of town.
Fridging Caves II Second intersection, keep going right.
Fridging Heights Go Right at the 3 way intersection.
Fridging Heights II First clearing after bridge, up
Magna Valley II Big room intersection. Left, up
Ithees Ruins II (Airship) Found the exit? Keep going right instead
Ithees Ruins III (Airship) Long bridge? Keep going up. At exit? Left.
You have the key already…  Should I still list them down?
Last Lands I… NW part of “town” between 2 houses…

AFTER A CERTAIN POINT, LOCKED CHESTS STILL SPAWN AFTER YOU FIND THE KEY so listing them down after a certain point is pretty useless…

I’m sorry if the descriptions are crappy for now, but this is the best I could muster while playing and taking notes – I guess most important is the ‘area’.

I’ll be updating this as I play! The descriptions are mostly detailed as if you entered there from story mode. I’ll refine this as I go along, but these should be more than good enough to remind you where they all are, to prevent pulling your hair backtracking and looking for all the locked chests! (I improved most of the descriptions recently, btw)

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Thanks for reading and hopefully your backtracking for these locked chests in Setsuna was made a little bit easier! For more information and updates – Like us on Facebook!



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