If you’re here, you’re asking one of these regarding the I am Setsuna Flux System:

I’ll be ordering this based on what people are likely gonna return here for…

Flux Effects and Bonuses List

Tech Power | Increases the power of the tech. Each tech changes in different ways.
Insights: Very unclear as to how it modifies some techs like buffs. Doesn’t affect combo?

Combo Power | Increases power of combos with this tech involved.
Insights: Straightforward.

Combo Release | Allows COMBO use even if partner isn’t ready (Costs more MP)
Insights: Pretty OP. Great for farming techs and defensive/healing ones. Great anywhere!

Critical Hit Rate | Increases chance of the tech and combos. Works with healing.
Insights: Chance to deal a crit which is at least 50% Need more info on this.

Critical Power | Increases POTENCY of critical hits!
Insights: Very useful on techs that auto-crit (Prayer!).

Momentum Power | Boosts the power of the tech and combos when used in Momentum.
Insights: Better on techs you force momentum on. Can’t be fluxed on some skills, I’d think.

ATB Bonus | Gives ATB when the tech is used.
Insights: Very useful and can potentially be powerful when stacked.

MP Consumed | Reduces MP cost of techs.
Insights: Seems to be a 1MP reduction per stack. Meh…

SP Accumulated | Increases the amount of SP gained when the tech is used.
Insights: Not so bad. Stacked up on cheap techs would be a great way to build momentum.

Defense Power | Increases the tech power when used after you got hit.
Insights: Impractical… maybe great on healing techs!

Fluxation Power | Increases the techs power when Fluxation happens IN-BATTLE. If the tech is maxed on Fluxes, power will be added when Momentum is used.
Insights: Very weird… depends actually how strong this is.

Momentary Boost | Grants +STR and +INT for your next action.
Insights: Better than you think! As long as you don’t waste the buff on a non-combat action.

Momentary Recovery | After using tech, SELF HEAL.
Insights: Can never be bad, right? But the healing is a bit tiny.

Unscathed Power | At 80%+ HP, tech/combo does more damage.
Insights: Not too bad, since 80%+ is where you wanna be.

Singularity Power | Deals more damage when Singularity is active.
Insights: Haha.


Dying Power | At 20%- (?) HP, tech/combo does more damage.
Insights: Only remotely usable with healing techs. Avoid.

Momentum Effect | Boosts the effect of MOMENTUM ONLY bonuses.
Insights: I don’t think this is fluxable to things with, let’s say, “Affect All’.


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Flux Effect and Bonus List | Flux FAQ

I am Setsuna Flux System: FAQ

What the Flux is a Flux System? In I am Setsuna, a Flux is a passive bonus that you can EMBED into one of your techs, giving it bonuses depending on the Flux.

The possible Fluxes you can get are
determined by the Accessory you’re wearing!

What are the Flux effects? Check them out above.

How can I get Fluxes!!!! It happens when you use momentum in battle, to be safe momentum bonus the tech you wish to Flux. Even then, it’s very random.

Is there a better way to farm Flux!?

  1. A SINGULARITY that improves Fluxation can pop sometimes (RNG).
  2. Fighting long tougher fights (likely again Spritnite Eaten) seem to affect Flux greatly.
  3. There are accessories with the “BOOST FLUXATION RATE” bonus. Value.

Maximum amount of Flux a tech can hold!? It seems to be 8 unique, 10 total (need confirmation). I have not gotten 10 UNIQUE fluxes on one tech.

Can a Combo generate Fluxation? Flux on Combo can only occur on the ACTIVE CHARACTER. So the other guy won’t get a flux, if ever. 🙁

Does Flux stacking work linearly? I’m not sure, and I’m not sure how to test this. I’m pretty sure MP cost reduction is linear, but I can’t be too sure about the others. After testing, its very likely this is the case.

Flux limitations!? I can’t seem to get X Flux on Y skill!? I’m pretty sure this applies. I haven’t successfully got certain Fluxes on certain techs but I cant be 100% sure given how rare this is.

Support Flux – how does this work!? So here’s what happens:

***UNCONFIRMED*** It’s happened to me too many times… The very first support Spritnite takes the properties of the first one under it, or at the very least ONE of the supports under it. Just writin’ this down here for “notes”.

  1. One of your support spritnites becomes the “Host” (RNG).
  2. Another one of your support spritnites becomes the “Giver” (RNG if you have 3+).
  3. 10% of the “Giver” stats get implanted into the ‘Host”.
  4. Don’t worry, the “Giver” doesn’t vanish.
  5. Support fluxation wll only occur on accessories with “SUPPORT BONUS“.

Some support spritnites, I think, cannot ever be fluxed.  (maaaybe not… I’ve gotten a fair amount of them to flux…)


Best Fluxes to Use: The Good, the Bad and the Fluxy

Okay so we can have eight unique fluxes in one Spritnite, 10 max (or is it 10 unique?) Given the wide range of possibilities, what

The Best Fluxes: MUST HAVES

>>> Combo Release <<<: SHOULD BE MANDATORY ON ALL SPRITNITES! I mean, I get that you might not use all combos all the time… but the sheer power of this! It helps your brainless farming, and helps your desperation recovery combos in tough fights. Put it in every tech.

Combo Release enables “Free” combos replacing basic attacks via Vinculum (More on this soon). You can’t go wrong with Combo Release. IT’S THE BEST FLUX.

Momentary Boost & Defense: Is present in all of my techs, as well. They boost you in “another way entirely” from most potency increasing Fluxes. Increasing your BASE STATS! Momentary defense is amazing keeping you save while charging up ATB. Momentary Boost makes your next move stronger. They’re FREE BUFFS man. FREE BUFFS.

Fluxation Power: should be the 10th addition to any Spritnite, or at the very least should occupy ONE slot in any tech. It has a higher “effect” than most, but needs ALOT OF WORK! On its own, however, is hot garbage.

Honorable Mention – SP accumulated & AP Boost: Again, these guys improve performance from a whole different perspective. You can’t really put a number on “more turns” or “more momentum”, but they scale very well with your overall potential.

The Good Fluxes: Why not?

More notes incoming here soon.

  • Combo Power
  • Tech Power
  • Critical Hit Rate (avoid on auto-crit)
  • Critical Power (Only if you took crit, or an auto-crit tech)

The Bad Fluxes: Oh Flux no.

More notes incoming here soon.

  • Singularity Power: HAHAHA!!!!
  • Momentary Recovery: It’s great in theory, but too tiny.

Navigation: Setsuna – All about Flux
Flux Effect and Bonus List | Flux FAQ | Good Fluxes!

More I am Setsuna Guides?

Hopefully, that answers a lot about the Setsuna Flux system! The game’s pretty new so I’ll update this ASAP. Please chime in if you find exact numbers and stacking efficiency and any other info.

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  1. Ok I just got 1x Critical Power on my Prayer but it did increase the amount of MP when using it with Momentum. Am I missing something?

  2. It’s very helpful, thank you.
    Anyway there’s something I can tell you.. you miss the Momentary Defense flux.. the MP Consumed is -1 mp per level not 10% (tested on >20mp tech)..
    And there’s something that i still didn’t find out.. does support flux need to use momentum on techs to trigger it or just momentum on attack? (i didn’t get one so far).. max stacks of each flux is how much?

    • Support Fluxation is really weird. I’ve notice attacks help but it may just be confirmation bias. Max fluxes? seems to be 8 Unique 10 Total (Haven’t tried 10 unique).


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