In this little guide, we show you how the loot system works, and some suggested techs / combos / setups and general tips on how to efficiently farm in I am Setsuna!

I am Setsuna Loot SystemBasics & FAQ | Farming PROTIPS
(protips) The 2 MEGA TIPS | Kill Type HELP | Others to follow!

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I am Setsuna Loot System FAQ

How does the loot system work!?
If you don’t know –  enemies drop items depending on HOW you killed them. To be more specific, it’s the nature of the KILLING BLOW, not the entire killing process.

  • Normal Loot: drops almost all the time (cannot drop WITH Rare Loot[?]).
  • Rare Loot: drops with a lesser chance (cannot drop WITH Normal Loot[?]).
  • Over Kill: Obliterate a monster by sending its life into the extreme negative.
  • Exact Kill: Kill a monster while not putting in the negative TOO MUCH. (Keep reading…)
  • Link Kill: Using a 2-man or 3-man combo.
  • Momentum Kill: Killing blow is augmented by Momentum.
  • Debuff Kill: Killing while a monster is debuffed.
  • Time Kill: Use Time damage (Aeterna). NOT RELATED TO FIGHT TIMERS!!!
  • Fire Kill: Use Fire damage (Kir).
  • Water Kill: Use Water damage (Julienne [Ice]).
  • Light Kill: Use Lightning damage (Setsuna).
  • Dark Kill: Use Dark damage.

You can trigger multiple kill-types with one killing blow! I’ll talk about the more “common” problems in this general FAQ portion.

What enemies drop what?
Enemies of the same TYPE drop almost the same items, mostly with the exception of the “Rare Item” slot. So it’s not too much of a hassle to farm or backtrack.

You can easily check monster drop tables by:
Main Menu > Snow Chronicles > Locations tab.

Because EXACT KILL is such a pain
I’ll list it here in the General section too

How to get Exact Kill!?
You must kill an enemy with no more than 10%(?) overkill on it’s MAX life. So if an enemy has 100 HP, doing 110 damage to it should be okay. If that same enemy has 001/100 HP, doing 11 damage should do it. It’s somewhere between 10 and 20%, surely.

What attacks are good for Exact Kill!?
Generally speaking, you want to find “the sweet spot” for a certain enemy you’re farming and abuse it. But, there are times you just need THE WEAKEST ATTACKS to finish guys off:

  • Setsuna and Kirs BASIC ATTACK (No Momentum) are pretty weak.
  • Kirs OSMOSE tech IS THE WEAKEST HIT IN THE GAME: and can easily get ANY exact kill even in the worst case scenario of spamming it many times if you’re desperate.

I am Setsuna Farming tips and FAQ

Before you read ANY OTHER TIP about farming in I am Setsuna there are TWO extremely effective PROTIPS above all else: Astral Bloom, and MP Recovery.

ASTRAL BLOOM: ELEMENTAL KILLS!? How to get them fast!? The very millisecond you get JULIENNE, your farming woes will be OVER for the very foreseeable future – WHY? Astral Bloom does ALL ELEMENTAL DAMAGE TYPES.

  • Astral Bloom = Aeterna + Julienne (Oblivion + Jump)
  • ALL ELEMENTAL KILLS, Link Kill (+ Over Kill, Momentum Kill) in ONE MOVE.
  • It unlocks Dark Kill WAY BEFORE you have any right to have it.

The above advice will save you hours of changing party members, and heartache. This is good in early and late-game, only “losing a little value” at the extreme end of the game.

How to restore MP efficiently!? MP is a huge factor in farming speed and efficiency. You cant just use tents all the time right? For mindless farming there are 2 Support Spritnites you should be using:

  • Gagnrath: Restores MP when you kill. Easily fuels the farmachine without stopping!
  • Vinculum: Gives a FLAT 20 MP reduction on all combos – Can reach MP cost ZERO!

So you can see by using either/both of these, MP won’t be much of an issue. Aside from this, there are a smattering of decent MP recovery skills – but none come close to the effectivity of those two IN TERMS OF FARMING.

Advice for ALL KILL TYPES!

Here’s some small words of wisdom to help you get all the kinds of kill types and loot.

HELP: Normal & Rare Loot

There’s nothing to be said here except to KILL GUYS MORE OFTEN. Simple good ‘ol grinding.

HELP: Elemental Kills

IMPORTANT: If you didn’t already check it out – look at my write-up on Astral Bloom.

The “En” (Enflame, Enchrono…) skills give you elemental damage ON TOP of whatever element you’re already packing. So you can easily gain specific loot with this.

There’s a ton of good techs and combos for this but nothing comes close to Astral Bloom in terms of how early you get it, and how easy it is to get multiple kill-types with it.

There is a Spritnite LATER ON that gives you all elements on momentum use.

There’s also the Bifrost Spritnite which triggers a buff which gives you ALL ELEMENTAL DAMAGE, but it’s quite random and unreliable.

HELP: Exact Kill

Again, check out the EXACT KILL ADVICE above. Here’s a rundown –

  • Fish for an exact kill, remember the process and repeat until you’ve gotten enough.
  • Setsuna and Kirs basic attack are really weak, use these to help you.
  • OSMOSE: Kir’s tech, is the WEAKEST HIT IN THE GAME! This ENSURES Exact kills.

Exact kills is roughly NOT overkilling an enemy by roughly 10-20% of its max HP.

HELP: Debuff Kill

Killing enemies with ANY debuff work! Debuffs aren’t THAT hard to find, I’ll try to list down a few godlike options here in the near future!

Debuff Kills – Early on:
Slow from Aeterna is the first sure debuffer you get. But without “wasting turns” ANY basic elemental attack + momentum will almost always apply a RESIST DOWN debuff which helps earlier on in the game.

Debuff Kills – Later on:
Tryharding on a super stacked Support Spritnite bits with the “Cause DEBUFF on attacks” effect is an amazing way to net brainless Debuff Kills – especially on OWLS as they get debuffed AS THEY DIE. Combine this with ASTRAL BLOOM for value.

Debuff Killing – Spritnite Eaten:
Ahhh, one way is the DEBUFF & CRIT SINGULARITY, but that’s a pain to time and get, right? The bit suggestion above CAN work, but I think I’ve found better ways. Lemme update this soon.


This just happens “naturally”. Obviously the better your fluxes and spritnites are the easier this will be. If going for overkill on a tougher enemy, get him as low as possible first!

I’ll add more to this if needed, but there’s really not much to say…

Check out our: I am Setsuna MONSTER LOOT LIST (Searchable)

More I am Setsuna Guides?

Will update this in the coming days! Hopefully this helped you out, learning more about I am Setsuna’s unique loot system, and how to save time by farming more efficiently! For more information and updates – Like us on Facebook! #AstralBloom.


  1. Problem with fides fides kir and setsuna that you can’t have endir in the party with Momentum weapon which increases drops.

  2. Best farming comp for late game is fides, kir , setsuna. Put gagnrath on them and endlessly cast gamma burst with momentum every time you go into battle. It hits every monster and it uses all elements.

    One shot everything, everytime with all elements.

    • This can easily be replicated in the late game, as you’ll see. The spritnite Clairvoyance triggers all-elemental on momentum use (applies to combo). In the end, however, specifically farming materials – the troublesome ones are exact, rare, over on bosses smetimes, and debuff on extremely resilient monsters. But yes, that’s the idea – any ALL ELE move is definitely worth trying out for farming.

      • Yup those indeed need more effort. But usually you dont need many materials from those types of kills.

        You covered exact perfectly. About debuff, early you have blunt strike, slow and bio (they work wonders) later fides is good for that too. Rare is just rare, not even the talisman helps, it is seer luck (damned giant rear horns). And last for over you just have to be a badass.


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