Annoyed at I am Setsuna’s Combo and Tech list? YOU’RE NOT ALONE. Here’s a searchable table with all effects of combos and techs so you don’t have to use that god awful menu.

I am Setsuna: Combo & Tech FAQ (supporting guide: Fluxes)
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Update: ALL COMBOS UNLOCKED! Just need the single tech table, and some more notes.

How to Search & Filter!? What does it all Mean!?

This shows you some of the more useful search terms for the tables below:

Who!? Search “.e” reveals Endirs combos and techs, “.j” is Julienne and so on.

HEALING! MP Restoration!? Search “Heal” or “MP+”. But there are outliers like MAGEN .

(Range)(Element/s)(All other things), is the GENERAL formatting for combos. There are some things that are hard to convey with a few characters, however…

AoE? 1D? ALL? Line!? are the Range values:
AoE is the usual circular AoE for most techs and combos.
1D is single target for that specific effect.
ALL is, well, ALL valid targets.

ALL OTHER THINGS!? There are a few unique rare effects here and there. “^” means “The higher, better”. “v” means “The lower, better”. “Stat-” is status application resist minus. Atk+/-, Def +/- are self explanatory… After a few tries you’ll get it!

Astral Bloom!? is surprisingly not alone. Search for AllEle

Ultimately, this can serve as a guide for you to easily see all tech effects but in the end you gotta try it out in-game to get a good feel of ’em!

Double Combo List

Once you get Julienne – try to go for Astral Bloom. Read more about it down there.

Table Help: “.e” Is Endir, and so forth. Use the Search on the upper right!
(Double Tech Name) (.Char A) (Skill A) (Skill B) (.Char B) (Base Effect) (Momentum)

Double Combo.A- Skill A -- Skill B -.B- Base- Momentum
Heal.eAuraPrayer.sALL HealALL MP+
Lightning Cleave.eCleaveLightning II.sAoE LightWeak+
Synchronize.eBattlecryCheer.sSTATS UPDur+
X-Strike.eCycloneCharge.a1D PhysDMG+
Overdrive.eQuickFlawless Blow.aDouble ActionDur+
Phasal Shift.eRealizationAll Creation.aAoE Null SP+SP^
Cross Cutter.eBlade WaveWind Slash.nALL PhysDMG+
Blowbeat.eShockProvoke.nALL Null Para, Conf, StunAtk- Def-
Hagakure.eSparkDIffuse.nAoE Null IGN30EVA+
Drain Slash.eRadianceDrain.kAoE Null HealHeal
Fire Cleave.eCleaveFire II.kAoE FireDMG+
Twin Meteo.eMeteoBooster.kALL Null Ign501D
Frost Wall.eWallEnfrost.jPhys ShieldShield+
Ice Cleave.eCleaveIce.jAoE IceWeak+
Tera Meteo.eMeteoEcho.jALL Null Ign50ALL DMG
Shadow Wave.eLifeDark Mist.fALL Shadow ALL HealCrit+
Dark Dawn.eBackslashHellfire.fAoE Null CritWeak+ AllEle
Deus Ex Machina.eMagenSnatch.fALL Res-, ALL Res+1turn ALLEle
Perfect Harmony.sWhirling ShotHaste.aAoE PhysCrit
Brilliance.sSanctitySlow.aAoE Nul Slow1D Para
Lifeline.sLife IIPermanence.aAuto-ReviveALL
Lightning Rod.sLightningPinpoint.nAoE Light Res-DMG ALL
Unbreakable Spirit.sInspireTenacity.nMaxHP MaxMPHeal, MP
Magnetic Storm.sEnthunderWhirlwind Bl..nALL NullDMG+
Frost Wave.sRemedyDispel.kALL Null DispelStatlock
Vulcan Strike.sWhirling ShotEnflame.kAoECrit
Supernova.sLuminaireFlare.kALL Light Fire1D
Electromagnetism.sInciteIcicle Lance.jAoE Crit IGN401D MP^
Full Cure.sCure IIChakra.jALL Heal CleanseMP+
Intervention.sLuminaireMeteor Thrust.jALL LightHeal ALL
Clashing Cross.sSanctityPandemic.fAoE Null ALL HealHP^
Slipstream.sCureAbsorb.fAoE Regen MagenHeal MP+
Holy Darkness.sPlay DeadBlack Hole.fALL Light Dark Death1D
Barricade.aProtectI. Defense.nALL Def++Res+
Phantasm Break.aDream Sh.Aerial Strike.nAoE Null Atk-1D
Desperation.aHasteBlunt Blow.nAoE PhysCrit
Blazing Spiral.aEnchronoMagma.kAoE Fire Time SapAtk- Res-
Phantom Rush.aMirageVanish.kEva+G.EVA1
Frog Meteo.aFrog SquashMeltdown.kALL Null HP^ MP^ALL Heal
Raging Spirit.aProtectBerserk.jALL Atk+ Crit+ ParaALL, Silhouette
Iron Maiden.aStopPrecise Thrust.jAoE Null DeathALL Null Death
Astral Bloom.aOblivionJump.jAoE AllEleDMG+ Crit
Paradox.aHasteCursed Slash.fAoE Null1D Crit
Fantasia.aDemiEndark.fAoE Dark Time SPvIgn100
Starstrike.aFrenzyPhantom.fAoE Stop Res-Weak+ AllEle
Bio Slash.nStone SlashBio.kAoE Null Res-Atk- Def- Atb- Eva-
Magic Barrier.nDemonic StrikeBarrier.kMagic ShieldShield+
Megaflare.nDouble BackFlare.kALL Null Ign50DMG+ Ign50
Diamond Dust.nEmissionIce II.jALL Ice Freeze1D DMG
Flash Thrust.nPinpointPrecise Thrust.jAoE Phys NullCrit
Clarity.nCondenseSerenity.jSP FULLALL
Tornado.nWhirlwind BladeHelix Slash.fALL Null SapALL Phys
Steadfastness.nCounterStalker.fAoE Null "Avenger"1D Null SPv
Dragon Blade.nPinpointAbsorb.fAoE Null Heal30%+MP2x DMG & HP MP
Antipode Blast.kFireIce.jAoE Fire IceDMG ALL
Vampyrus.kOsmoseChase.jAoE MP+Heal
Drill Thrust.kWeakenApex Thrust.jAoe Null Sap Ign50Def- Eva-
Volcano.kMagmaEarthspliter.fLine Fire Ign100ALL Ign100
Miracle Comeback.kRegenDark Pact.fLine Null HPtoDMG^Heal
Shadow Flare.kFlareDark Matter.fALL Fire DarkALL DMG
Celerity.jTranscendenceDragonic.fALL Haste, SP-Atk+
Righteous Ind..jPrecise ThrustHellfire.fAoE Phys Crit Acc1D Stat-
Shadow Moon.jRoyal LanceDark Matter.fAoE Weak+DMG Weak+

Triple Combo List

Table Help: “.e” Is Endir, and so forth. Use the Search on the upper right!
(Triple Tech Name) (cA) (cB) (cC) (sA) (sB) (sC) (Base Effect) (Momentum)

Triple ComboSkill ASkill BSkill CBaseMomentum
Grand Cross.e.s.aCycloneLuminaireChargeAoE Light Dark Ign100Crit
Galactic Force.e.s.kMeteoCureKirAll NullALL DMG
Peerless Power.e.s.nWallInciteImpenet.ALL Evade Repel ProvokeHeal MP+
Evanescent Flash.e.s.JAuraPlay DeadEchoALL Light, RegenALL Heal
Ultra Release.e.s.fMagenInspirePandemicALL Light Dark Stat^ALL DMG
Big Bang.e.a.kLifeDemiBoosterALL NullDMG+
Moments in Time.e.a.nRealizationFlawless BlowEmission1D Null SP+1D AllEle
Perpetual Strike.e.a.JRadianceStopBerserk1D PhysBoost
Astral Statis.e.a.fQuickAll CreationStalkerALL Null Stop, HasteATB+
Apocalypse.e.n.kBattlecryTenacityMeltdownALL Null, Atk+ Def+Boost (DMG)
Hyperion.e.n.JCleaveWhirlwind BldJumpAoE HP^? MP^?1D+
Stone Clutch.e.n.fBlade WaveStone SlashBlack HoleAoE Dark Stone Def- Eva- Slow1D
Stardust Fall.e.k.JShockEnflameEnfristALL Fire Water Ign50%Boost Ign50%
Detonation.e.k.fSparkDispelAbsorbAoE Fire Atk- Def- Slow1D
Dragonic Ray.e.j.fBackslashChakrqaDragonic S.ALL Null, HealALL DMG
Rising Phoenix.s.a.kLife IIPermanenceMagmaALL Light Fire AutoResDMG+ HP^
Last Letter.s.a.nSanctityOblivionCounter1D Null 4Hit DeathDMG+
Gaia's Beauty.S.A.JWhirling ShotFrenzyChase1D NullCrit
Astral Blast.s,a.fCure IIHasteDark MattrLine Null Ign50Def- Res-
Disintegration.S.N.KCheerDemonic StrDrainALL, Fire, LightBoost, Stun
Thunderbolt.s.n.jLightningPinpointRoyal LanceALL Light Weak+1D
Shining Torrent.s,n.fRemedyWind SlashPhantomALL Light Shadow1D
Delta Force.S.K.JLightning IIFIre IIIce IIALL Fire Water LightBoost
Omega Flare.s.k.fPrayerFlareSnatch1D AllEleDMG+
Magicdust.s.j.fEnthunderIcicle LanceEndarkAoE Light Shadow CritD+2x
Big Crunch.a.n.kEnchronoDouble BackBioALL Time Sap Paralysis Stop1D Boost
Snowman Squash.a.n.jFrog SquashCondenseIceALL Water Def+ Eva+ALL DMG
Penance.a.n.fProtectDiffuseDark PactALL Shadow HPvHeal
Prismatic Glow.a.k.jMirageBarrierMeteor ThrustALL Null, SHIELDSHeal
Perdition.a.k.fSlowOsmoseEarthspltrLine Null Sap1D Crit++
Snowfall Symphony.a.j.fDream ShtrApex ThrustHelix SlashAoE Null SP FULLSP^
Epiphanic Blade.k.n.jWeakenAerial StrikePrecise ThrustAoE VulnBoost ALLRES-
Crimson Flare.k.n.fFireBlunt BlowDark MistAoE Fire Dark Stat-all dmg, debuffs
Earthly Rage.n.j.fProvokeTransend.HellfireAoE Null HPv MPv1D
Omega Drive.k.j.fRegenSerenityCrused SlashAoE Null Atk+ Def+ HasteALL DMG
Coup de Grace (!).e.s.aGenesisLuminaireCharge(Grand Cross) WeakerREPEAT
Universal Force (!).e.s.kMeteoCureDoom(Galactic F.) WeakerSTRONGER
Almighty Aura (!).e.s.nWallHoly LightImpenetrable(Peerless Pwr) NoProv, DMGREPEAT
Ephem. Parade (!).e.s.jAuraHoly LightEchoDiff E.FlashDMG
Energy Burst (!).e.s.fMagenHoly LightPandemic(Ultra Release)STRONGER
Cosmic Inflation (!).e.a.kGenesisDemiBooster(Big Bang) WeakerSTRONGER
Echoes in Eternity
.e.a.nRealizationGearadiaEmission(Moments in Time) SP+SP^
Infinity Strike (!).e.a.jRadianceStopEclipse(Perpetual Str) +hitsCrit
Celestial Balance (!).e.a.fGenesisAll CreationStalker(Astral S.) NO DMG. Dur+NoReset
Armageddon (!).e.n.kBattlecryRebellionMeltdown(Apoc) ALL Null Atk+ Crit+Atk- Def- Slow Eva-
Aerial Storm (!).e.n.jRadianceStopEclipse(Hyperion) HP^^/MP^^DMG
Spherical Slice.e.n.kBlade WaveRebellionBlack Hole(Stone Clutch) WeaverStat^
Stella Imber (!).e.k.jGenesisEnflameEnfrost(Stardust) WeakerAtk- Def-
Eruption (!).e.k.fSparkDispelDragnarok(Detonation) WeakerAtk+ Def+ Haste
Highwind (!).e.j.fBackslashEclipseDragonic S(Dragonic Ray) WeakerSTRONGER
Soaring Phoenix (!).s.p.kLife IIPermanenceDoom(Rising Phoenix) +RestoreNoChange
Chant du Cygne (!).s.a.nSanctityOblivionRebellion(Last Letter)
Gaias Glory (!).s.a.jWhirling ShotFrenzyEclipse(Gaia's Beauty) WeakerREPEAT
Break Matter.s.a.fCure IIGearadiaDark Matter(Astral Blast) NoIgnSTRONGER
Cataclysm (!).s.n.kCheerDemonic StrDoom(Disintegration) Weaker1D+++
Electric Spiral (!).s.n.jHoly LightPinpointRoyal Lance(Electric Spiral) WeakerSTRONGER
Carnage Ray.s.n.fRemedyRebellionPhantom(Shining Torrent) WeakerHeal
Trine Force (!).s.k.jHoly LightFire IIIce II(Delta Force) WeakerSTRONGER
Gamma Burst
.s.k.fPrayerFlareDragnarok(Omega Flare) NullSTRONGER
Brionac (!).s.j.fEnthunderEclipseEndarkAoE Light Dark CritDMG Crit
Gravitational C (!).a.n.kEnchronoDouble BackDoom(Big Crunch) WeakerStat^
Simulacrum (!).a.n.jFrog SquashRebellionIce(Snowman Squash) WeakerSTRONGER
Atonement (!)
.a.n.fGearadiaDiffuseDark Pact(Penance) STRONGERALL DMG
Temporal Dist. (!).a.k.fGearadiaBarrierMeteor THrustALL Null, SHIELDALL DMG
Hell Howl (!).a.k.fSlowOsmoseDragnarok(Perdition) NoSap, CRITDMG+
Snowfall Rhaps. (!).a.j.fGearadiaApex ThrustHelix Slash(Snowfall Symp.) StunDMG+ CRIT!
Art of War (!).k.n.jWeakenAerial StrikeEclipseAoE Null Res-ALL DMG
Scarlet Flame (!).k.n.fDoomBlunt BlowDark Mist(Crimson Flare) +Stun1D
Gaia's Wrath (!).n.j.fProvokeTranscend.Dragnarok(Earthly Rage) Normal...DMG HP^ MP^
Alpha Impact (!).n.j.fRegenSerenityDragnarok(Omega Drive) WeakerBoosts^

Single Tech List

Adding this soon!

Good Techs & Combos, Recommendation & FAQ!

Adding this soon!

Before reading on this segment, once you get Julienna, try to unlock Astral Bloom ASAP. Astral Bloom is a 2-man combo between Aeterna (Oblivion) and Julienne (Jump). It’s the “best” 2 person combo FOR A WHILE, and great for saving time farming. Why? IT HAS ALL ELEMENTAL DAMAGE, and unlocks Shadow Kill waaaay before you’re supposed to have it.

I am Setsuna: Combo & Tech FAQ (supporting guide: Fluxes)
Double Combo ListTriple Combo List | Single Techs | Recommendations & FAQ

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  1. i have combo release(flux) on endir but i can’t execute any combo at the moment, im trying using coup de grace and my party are setsuna and aeterna, can u explain more about how this flux work, thanks

    • The other guy needs combo release as well, or to be more specific, the guy with combo release on his flux is the one that can “hang on” to the person executing the combo. It doesnt allow, in your case, Endir to just yolo off a combo with anyone – unless all participants have combo release.

  2. Infinity strike gotta be one of the strongest combo man those crits strike are delicious as heck!! Gonna try new party setup with Fides in it , any recommendations which other 2 members to fill in?

    • Haha, It really depends on your setup… I’ve done over 10,000+ with Inifnity Strike using a very specific setup. Julienne MUST trigger the momentum. Equip the ele ignoring spear, and use clairvoyance support.

  3. Just thought I’d help a little with the list combo list, “Coup de Grace” is a “special” version of the Grand Cross combo. It’s a combo of Endir’s “Genesis” Spritnite along with the same Sprinites for Setsuna and Aerterna (Luminaire & Charge).

    Not quite done unlocking all the “Final” Spritnites for each character but for the ones I have it seems they’re all unlock a “special” version of existing triple combos.


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