In this simple guide I’ll be listing down the locations, and a checklist of all “Shiny Spots” in I am Setsuna. Let’s get to it! You can also check your completion on these Shiny Spots by visiting the Main Menu > Snow Chronicles > Locations tab.

What are these shiny spots for? ingredients for recipes, sometimes(?) items for skills.

The list is complete, but SOME NODES change item – if you are incomplete, just revisit the nodes in that area! I’m not 100% sure which ones change – but these are enough!

Navigation: I am Setsuna Shiny Spots (by Area)
Nive Island | Floneian Territory | Northern Frontier
Fridging Mountain Range
 | Remote Islands

Nive Island Shiny Spots

I don’t think you can find any of these in the opener. Come back LATER on.

Nive Island | Just outside town | Luminous Potato
Nive Island | Lower right “tip” of island | Mighty Melon
Nive Island | Just before rightmost edge of island | Arctic Cauliflower

Nive Village | Lower right part of town near a cart | Starberry
Wheel Mushroom | Upper right part of town, on the right of a fence | Wheel Mushroom

Nive Harbor | Right side of town | Old Broken Drum

Dazzshire Forest | Follow right path after entrance | Blue Sweet Sorghum
Dazzshire Forest | Just below the exit | Frosted Salt
Dazzshire Forest | “Setsuna quest area” penguins room| Broken Crimson Necklace

Nive Island II | Left of Falling Snow Monument | Nive Strawberry

Falling Snow Monument | Just left of entrance | Broken Crimson Necklace

Floneian Territories Shiny Spots

Forgotten Shore | Slightly up and left from the savepoint | Avalanche Kelp.
Forgotten Shore | At the exit of the clearing with 2 chests | Antique Bronze Timepiece
Forgotten Shore | Left and down from where you found Aeterna | Avalanche Kelp

Floneia Map I | a bit left and up from Forgotten Shore “exit” | Square Onion

Serendale | Docks. right and down from Nidr | Amber Rock Salt
Serendale | Left and up from Nidr, before the exit | Purikka Cobbler

Floneia Map II | Once you exit Serendale just walk up a bit | Blue Rock Salt
Floneia Map II | On the coastline right of Purikka | January Cabbage

Purikka | Near the well on the right | Hailbean
Purikka | 
Watchtower N most | Water Broccoli

Serendale II | North of the concrete + 4 pillars | Snow Crown Turnip
Serendale II | Right under the savepoint | Golden Peppercorn

Frozen Caves | Clearing after first intersection | Fluffshroom
Frozen Caves | Upper right of savepoint | Stove Asparagus
Frozen Caves | Upper left of boss room | Blue Rock Salt

Floneia Map III | Left of the lake, a NE of cave exit | King Onion
Floneia Map III | Between Snow Cabin and the bridge | Black Sweet Potato

Floneia Citadel | NE most corner of town | Black Soybean
Floneia Citadel | SW most corner of town | Winterwhistle Mushroom

Floneia Castle | Leftmost after entrance | Speckled Sesame Pod

Mysleigh Forest | Right at the entrance | Icicle Cucumber
Mysleigh Forest | Clearing with 2 bunnies, right | Frost Rock Salt
Mysleigh Forest | Left of “upper cross” | Yellowtop Carrot
Mysleigh Forest | Right side of the last (exit) clearing | Polestar Onion

Floneian Map IV | Between the lake and coast (right of town) | Snowflake Peppercorn
Floneian Map IV | Left and slightly up of Tenderville | Lonely Mushroom

Tenderville | Just right of the gate, below cart | Snowflake Peppercorn
Tenderville | SW part of town, right under the house | Nomad’s Ear Mushroom

Airship | Right side of boss room | Prickly Snowberry

Mysleigh Forest II | Just as you go up from the new entrance | Ancient Indigo Box

Nive Island | Floneian Territory | Northern Frontier
Fridging Mountain Range
 | Remote Islands

Northern Frontier Shiny Spots

Northern Frontier I | On the right of the first lake | Antique Silver Timepiece
Northern Frontier I | Lower left area, between the mountains | Cracked Bronze Mirror

Morbrise Mountains | Clearing after secret passage, upper right | Cloud Pea
Morbrise Mountains | Clearing above the room with 4 pillars | Crystal Lettuce
Morbrise Mountains | Right before exiting (3x iceballs) | Twisted Potato

Northern Frontier II | Above the start of the map | Philosophers Garlic
Northern Frontier II | From Twallusk entrance, right a bit | Red Basil

Hiddbury | Upperleft corner outside chiefs house | White Sunflower Seed
Hiddbury | Lower right part of town | Thunder Rock Salt

Spritnite Pillar | Left of entrance | Thunder Rock Salt

Twallusk Mountain | First intersection | White Sunflower Seed
Twallusk Mountain | South of “cutscene intersection”, secret wall | Old Broken Flute
Twallusk Mountain | After last secret wall  | Antique Silver Timepiece

Northern Frontier III | South, before crossing the first bridge | Fog Tomato
Northern Frontier III | Down, slightly right from Apparth Ruins | Black Courgette

Floeberg Waters | Left and up from the first 3 crabs | Icicle Kelp
Floeberg Waters | Down and right from ice floes (Walrus +Crab) | Cloud Rock Salt
Floeberg Waters | Directly up n right from exit | Eternity Laver

Northern Frontier IV | Slightly down and right from entrance | Hermits Ginger
Northern Frontier IV | Between two mountains above purple wall | Sunset Citron
(Above Magna Valley “exit”)

Royburg | Middle south part of town, near barrels | Old Silver Coin
Royburg | From the NE exit hug right wall and go down | Snowbell Mushroom

Northern Frontier V | SOUTH of cave entrance | Blizzard Bean

Blackwhelm Cave | Before you take the first right turn | Cup Perilla
Blackwhelm Cave | 3 seal room after 2nd cocoon | Horse Oak Mushroom
Blackwhelm Cave | Down n left from 3rd cocoon | Lampwort

Floeberg Waters II | 2nd platform, 2 crabs | Ancient Bronze Pot
Floeberg Waters II | Right from 3rd clearing, Walrus + Bunny | Mid-Ether x 5

Floeberg Waters III | Right below the entrance | Ancient Bronze Pot
Floeberg Waters III | Left on 2nd intersection, SW corner | Antique Indigo Ring
Floeberg Waters III | Just before the exit, a little bit down | Eternity Laver

Northern Frontier VI | Left of the Floeberg exit | Cracked Bronze Mirror
Northern Frontier VI | South of Archimell entrance | Hermit’s Ginger

Nive Island | Floneian Territory | Northern Frontier
Fridging Mountain Range
 | Remote Islands

Fridging Mountain Range Shiny Spots

Archimell | 1st intersection, right | Broken Indigo Necklace
Archimell | 3rd intersection, right | Broken Indigo Necklace

Archimell II | 1st intersection, head straight down | Red Rock Salt
Archimell II | After tele, 2nd room, lower right corner | Broken Indigo Necklace

Archimell III | Save stairs R, down, right | Ancient Crimson Box
Archimell III | Save stairs L, first “dead end” | Cracked Golden Mirror

Fridging Mountain Range I | South of Archimell “exit” | Euphoria Pumpkin
Fridging Mountain Range I | Right, and a little up from Archimell | Ancient Silver Pot

Gatherington | Just at the entrance, a little left | VARIES
> Old Bronze Coin > Blue Peppermint
Gatherington | From the well, a little up and right | VARIES
> Broken Green Necklace > Blue Peppermint

Fridging Mountain Range II | Near water, left of cave | Maple Potato
Fridging Mountain Range II | Outright vanished? It’s okay… Redundant.
> Hmm… this other Maple potato seems to vanish when you progress… ’tis fine!

Fridging Caves I | Second clearing with a bear | Coiled Parsley

Fridging Caves II | Keep going right from the entrance | Blue Peppermint
Fridging Caves II | Clearing after boss room, lower right | Broken Green Necklace
Fridging Caves II | Thin upward path, after boss room | Broken Green Necklace

Fridging Mountain Range III | Right outside cave exit | Euphoria Pumpkin
Fridging Mountain Range III | Above and right from Fridging Heights | Blue Sugarcane

Fridging Heights | Just keep going right after first bridge | Queen Cabbage
Fridging Heights | Keep going left after second bridge | VARIES
    > Queen Cabbage > Damaged Gold Mask > Sky Apple
Fridging Heights | Up @ 3 way int, upper-left corner of room | Redtop Radish

Fridging Heights II | A little up and right from the entrance | Crowned Peach
Fridging Heights II | A little down before the second bridge | Sky Apple
Fridging Heights II | 2nd Bridge, up, right room, LR corner | Redtop Radish

OUTSIDE Magna Valley | Outside the entrance (WORLD MAP) | Springy Broad Bean

Magna Valley | A little left of the first intersection | Broken Green Necklace
Magna Valley | Right and up from first intersection | Red Olive

Magna Valley II | Just keeeep going right | Springy Broad Bean
Magna Valley II | 2nd big room, before exit | VARIES
> Ancient Silver Pot > Springy Broad Bean

== For Archimell Ruins, I’ll find a better way to describe these as I backtrack ==
Archimell I | Uploading these in a bit…

Last Lands Frozen Town | North part of “town” | Old Broken Zither
Last Lands Frozen Town | Ah, lemme check it again forgot to write! | Coiled Parsley
Last Lands Frozen Town | First bridge, just left of the arch | Damaged Silver Mask

Last Lands Mini-room | Left at entrance | ‘something’ Mirror (rechecking)

Last Lands Castle | Just go left at the entrance | Old Broken Zither
Last Lands Castle | L D R R | Blue Peppermint

Nive Island | Floneian Territory | Northern Frontier
Fridging Mountain Range
 | Remote Islands

Remote Islands Shiny Spots

Isle of Misfits – WEST of Last Lands:
Misfit Island | Right side of island | Rainbow Nut
Nameless Village | Right side of “opening clearing” | Ancient Green Box
Nameless Village | Left side of town | Old Broken Trumpet
Nameless Village | Chest! | Valiant Poem

Turbulus Island – EAST of Tenderville:
Turbulus Island | Up and left of small lake | Sunny Bell Pepper
Turbulus Island | Upper left part of island | Sunny Bell Pepper

Hymncott Island – SOUTH of Nive Island:
Hymncott Island | Right part of island | Dumpling Eggplant
Hymncott Forest | North from entrance | Dumpling Eggplant
Hymncott Forest | The bend before savepoint | Ancient Green Box

Somber Island – SOUTH of Last Lands:
Somber Island | Leftmost chunk of the island | Heavenly Pear

Craigholm Island – SW of Last Lands:
Craigholm Island – Leftmost are, above the trees | Eskimo Bean

Klimm Island – W/n of Last Lands: (Has a frozen lake on it)
Klimm Island – Golden Pepper

Mortholm Island – NW~ of the world:
Morthold Island | Right side | Snow Grape
Mortshaw Woods | Just north of entrance | Red Sugarcane

Nive Island | Floneian Territory | Northern Frontier
Fridging Mountain Range
 | Remote Islands

Airship Nodes (formatting this better soon)

These nodes belong to the “non-airship” pile, but have the same drops as many of the nodes. The only difference is they’re inaccessible without the airship.

These “surrounded by water or mountain” nodes are, in fact, useless. I was tracking them down but they had nothing new, and didn’t contribute to completion… If they have relevance, lemme know – otherwise I’m stopping my notes for now.

Navigation: I am Setsuna Shiny Spots (by Area)
Nive Island | Floneian Territory | Northern Frontier
Fridging Mountain Range
 | Remote Islands

With this list, I’ve reached 100% completions in shinies! The descriptions might suck, but at least you know where you can look for the thing you need. I’ll re-write the locations the next time I do a run-through~

More I am Setsuna Guides?

Well that’s it for now! Will be updating this fast as the days (hours, lol) go by. For more updates Like us on Facebook!


  1. Remaining nive island spots:
    Wheel mushroom – nive village – upper right side to the right of a fence.
    Starberry – nive village – lower right side, below the crates and (cabbage or melon?) filled cart.
    Frosted Salt – dazzshire woods – at the three way intersection toward the north end.
    Blue Sweet Sorghum – dazzshire woods – just north of the second pengy if you enter from the south.
    Old Broken Drum – nive harbor – right of the crates and wood on the right side.

  2. The missing one in the Floneian Territories is in the forest. Will try give you more specific details but I certainly found it there in my playthrough.

    Great work on the list!

  3. The missing shiny spot from Floneian Territory is in Floneia Map I, Northwest of Forgotten Shores between the trees. The item is Square Onion


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