As the title implies, a list of all our Diablo 3 guides, primarily sorted by class.

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Barbarian | Crusader | Demon Hunter | Monk | NecromancerWitch Doctor | Wizard



Barbarian Set Guides


Crusader Set Guides

Demon Hunter

Demon Hunter Set Guides


Monk Set Guides


Necromancer Set Guides

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Witch Doctor

Witch Doctor Set Guides


Wizard Set Guides

Navigation: General
Barbarian | Crusader | Demon Hunter | Monk | Necromancer | Witch Doctor | Wizard

It’s just a simple guide showing all of the guides we have, or are planning to work on in the very near future. It’s both a directory and a to-do list! Amazing! Hopefully no blank links will exist in the very near future!

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    • You get the full bonuses of both items if worn on main and/or offhand. The only downside is skills calculate based on weapon damage primarily – which 1h weapons have a smaller base compared to 2h. Builds which use 2x 1h weapons usually use it to cram 1 more weapon bonus (orange text).

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