Fresh 70 Demon Hunter? If you’re wondering how to proceed and how to get your free set ASAP – look no further. Here’s a detailed guide on how to knife your way into the endgame.

Season 21 Haedrig’s Gift free set: The Shadow’s Mantle.

NO Free Set? Go to PAGE 2!

Fresh 70 Demon Hunter: Free set available! | No free set!
Getting the Free Set | Free Set 70 | Gaining Power | To the End-game

Crafting a Reaper’s Wraps is a huge benefit for such little cost.
The plans drop from any Torment Malthael!

Same goes for other crafted items that might help you, most notably Captain Crimson’s set, and Aughild’s set – which are essentially non-RNG power ups that you may find useful as you go along.

S21 Trials of Tempests and YOU

This season, all characters will periodically (90s) spawn a damaging elemental effect – taking it word for word from the patch notes itself:

  • Meteors rain from the skies around you.
  • Breathe lightning.
  • A wall of flame engulfs everything.
  • Release twisters of pure energy.
  • Crush your foes under the weight of rolling snowballs.

It’s very similar to S19’s Pandemonium, without being tied to the Massacre count.

Fresh 70 Demon Hunter: Getting the Free Set!

Click below to reveal the instructions you need for each step:

IMPORTANT: Setting up!

Fresh 70 Demon Hunter Items neededDEX+VIT is a good start on most items. Yellows are ok! And REROLLING THEM is VALUE!


Melee WeaponCraft a 1H Mace. You don’t ever have to replace this until you get Karlei’s Point later on or Lord Greenstone’s Fan. You do not need this ASAP, but have one prepared once you pick up your 2 piece free set.

— Get ALL RESIST over Armor! —

Demon Hunters are a Dexterity character, meaning they get free Armor for every point of Dexterity. Since we already get so much of it for free (plus base armor from body pieces), extra armor rolls are essentially useless. We mitigate this by instead rolling ALL RESISTS in most body pieces.

Damage won’t be a problem for a long tiiiiiiiiiime. Survivability will be. So don’t be afraid to roll defensive stats on places that are usually reserved for offense (like ALLRES on Rings, for example).

Accessories with socket: You should start looking for good ones as early as now as you’ll be very quickly on your way to getting your legendary gems.

Bracer & Necklace Elemental%: Ice% for the typical rune (Overpenetration) you’ll be using later on so I would go for that. While progressing you may feel Ricochet may be better, but I wouldn’t bother with Lightning%…

Belt: is a monstrous source of defensive stats! Since belt isn’t all that important for Shadow’s anyways, your yellow will last a long time. DEX VIT RES LIFE is what you’re after..

Boots: Roll Impale% on your free boots. While Skill% also appears on Head, you’ll be sacrificing too much defenses for it right now.

Gems: Diamonds for ALLRES are the best choice going forward since you will not need damage – you need to stack that defense early and often! For helmet, you can choose Topaz early on for RCR.

Body + Legs (and other set slots): Meh… don’t need to bother with these since you’ll get your 6 piece soon, but try to avoid wearing utter garbage pieces.

LIFE ON KILL on the secondary stats is something this set uses to extreme effect. It’s not a huge deal this early, but it’s best you’re aware of it.

Hire Templar! Get all the skills on the left side for that “free” Hatred and heals.

Get your pet out, too,  it collects gold for you!

Reroll off useless stats:

  • Armor – you get so much of it for free
  • Reduced resource cost – pretty much irrelevant aside from early game.
  • Life Regen – GARBAGE
  • Excessive CDR – don’t need too much with many builds.
  • ASPD, Flat Damage – are generally endgame tweaks….

Reroll into good stats:

  • DEX/VIT – your core stats
  • ALLRES & Life% – your best defensive stats
  • Crit related stats – your best offensive stats
Season Journey Chapters Table

Here’s an overview of what you should accomplish per chapter for this season. Or press Shift+J (PC) in game to check.

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4
Complete a Neph Rift Neph Rift on Expert Neph Rift on Master Neph on T1
Do 5 Bounties Craft L70 Weapon or Armor Craft Imperial Gem Reforge weapon with Mystic
Socket 5 gems in gear Fully equip a follower Spend Blood Shards at Kadala Kill Ghom on T2
Blacksmith to L10 Blacksmith, Jeweler & Mystic to L12 Kill Araneae at L70 on Master Keywarden Act I at T4
Jeweler to L10 Unlock Kanai’s Cube Kill Siegebreaker at L70 on Master Keywarden Act II at T4
Mystic to L10 Get to L70 Act I bounty cache Keywarden Act III at T4
Kill Urzael Kill Maghda at L60 Act II bounty cache Keywarden Act IV at T4
Kill Belial Kill Zoltun Kulle at L60 Act III bounty cache Kill Malthael on T4
Get to L50 Craft L70 Ring or Amulet Act IV bounty cache GR 20 solo
Enchant an item with Mystic Act V bounty cache Upgrade rare to legendary item
Transmogrify an item with Mystic Extract Legendary Power 5 Blacksmith recipes
5 Jewelcrafting recipes
NO REWARD 1st set of
Haedrig’s Gift
2nd set of Haedrig’s Gift 3rd set of Haedrig’s Gift

1st set: Helm + Gloves
2nd set: Boots + Shoulders
3rd set: Chest + Pants

Season Journey Chapter 2: Getting the 2 piece
S21 Demon Hunter Fresh 70 No Set Build
Skill Rune
Evasive Fire Focus
Multishot Arsenal
Preparation Punishment
Companion Bat
Sentry Spitfire Turret
Vault Tumble
Cull the Weak Thrill of the Hunt
Ballistics Blood Vengeance

The good ‘ol cute “I wanna grow up to be UE” Fresh 70 DH build. The build explains itself. The hardest part about this step is knowing the right build! But luckily it’s right here, ey?

Shift+J (PC) to check your Seasonal Journey

Chapter 1 – Set to Hard Mode – there really is no need to make things harder to complete the first couple of chapters. Finish the rift and those boss kills then get on to the next chapter.

Chapter 2 – do this still on Hard. Only increase it to Expert when you need to tick off Rift on Expert. Two more boss kills and NPC interactions… NEXT!

Keep the setting up tab in mind – you might just scrap what, otherwise, might be the yellow that pushes you to new heights of power.

Season Journey Chapter 3: Getting the 4 piece

 This tab: If you’ve gotten 2 pieces of the free set, going for 4.

S21 Shadow’s Mantle 2 piece Set Build
Skill Rune
Impale Ricochet or Overpenetration
Grenade Grenade Cache
Companion Bat
Vault Tumble
Preparation Punishment
Fan of Knives (Open) Knives Expert (Any)
Blood Vengeance Ambush
Tactical Advantage (Open / Leech) Night Stalker (Open / Leech)

Maximizing the Shadow’s Mantle 2 piece set, we have to switch to our melee weapon from here on out! Don’t get too used to this exact build – it’s just a speedy version of our later build. Made to BLAZE THROUGH the early parts.

This chapter can still be completed on Hard mode for getting bounty caches, if you still haven’t. Only up the difficulty later for the following:

Beat the following on Master difficulty

  • Nephalem Rift
  • Kill Araneae – Act I,  Caverns of Araneae
  • Kill Siegebreaker – Act III, Rakkis Crossing

Collect Headrig’s Gift from the mail, fix the items’ stats, equip them, and go!

Season Journey Chapter 4: Getting the 6 piece

 This tab: If you’ve gotten 4 pieces of the free set, going for 6.

S21 The Shadow’s Mantle 4-pc Set Build
Skill Rune
Impale Ricochet or Overpenetration
Grenade Tinkerer
Fan of Knives Assassin’s Knives (Bladed Armor)
Vault Tumble
Preparation Punishment
Shadow Power All in effect
Blood Vengeance Ambush
Night Stalker Open (Leech or other defensive)

Few adjustments to the build: Night Stalker + Grenade-Tinkerer is a more elegant solution to our Hatred problems! Shadow Power and the Shadow’s Mantle 4pc is EXTREMELY GOOD. It gives you a bunch of bonuses.

Before we get on to the main show for this chapter, let’s tick off the easier entries first.

Jewelcrafting Recipes: you’ll get most of these from bounty caches, but if you find yourself lacking a couple of recipes, just tele to Act II and buy from Squirt the Peddler.

Upgrade a Rare to Legendary w/ Kanai’s Cube: There’s only one choice here… upgrade Daggers hoping for Karlei’s Point! If you get Lord Greenstone’s Fan, great!

Complete a Torment I Rift: This season journey entry should be easy enough especially if you follow the build and stat recommendations above. This will also be the minimum level you should be farming with.

Set Difficulty to Torment II: Defeat Ghom – Act III, The Keep Depths Level 3

Set Difficulty to Torment IV: Just go through the list of bosses below. Forget the trash and go for the kill.

Torment IV is a shocking jump in fatness. Adjust your build accordingly. Thankfully Shadows 4 is very strong.

  • Kill Malthael Act V, Pandemonium
  • Kill Odeg the Keywarden – Act I, Fields of Misery
  • Kill Sokahr the Keywarden – Act II, Dahlgur Oasis
  • Kill Xah’Rith the Keywarden – Act III, Stonefort
  • Kill Nekarat the Keywarden – Act IV, Garden of Hope 2nd Tier
  • Keywardens maps have a key icon next to the waypoint. Purple arrows point you to their location after a short while once you’re in their respective map.

Once you’re done with all these entries, you can now focus on beating GR20 Solo. Check the next clicky for the recommended build. But before anything else, make sure that GR20 is already unlocked for you. If not, just do the highest GRs you can to unlock.

Demon Hunter GR 20: The Shadow's Mantle 4 piece
S21 GR20 Shadow’s Mantle Set Build
Skill Rune
Impale Ricochet or Overpenetration
Grenade Tinkerer
Fan of Knives (open) Bladed Armor (any)
Vault Tumble
Preparation Punishment
Shadow Power All in effect
Ambush Night Stalker
Blood Vengeance Perfectionist


Remember the setup tab above? Those “good yellows” will go a long way here. Seriously. For reference, these were my stats and what I tested with:

  • Offense (sheet): 180K
  • Toughness (sheet): 8.5M
  • Recovery (sheet): 200K
  • Dex: 😀
  • NO ‘special’ legendaries aside from the Shadow’s Mantle 4 piece free set.
  • NO Pylons taken.
  • NO Legendary Gems.
  • NO Cubes powers used.
  • Remaining Time: 4-6 MINUTES!

I didn’t even take any paragons. I usually write tips in this section but damn I don’t think you need any.

Offense numbers DO NOT take into consideration most Legendary Powers and Gems. But since I did it RAW – these will serve as a great estimation. It wasn’t so bad.

Shadows Mantle GR20 is a walk in the park as long as you’re not wearing utter trash gear, and not playing like utter trash either. Get in there and get it done.

Dying repeatedly is the only chance of failure.
Trust me, you have MORE than enough damage.

Fresh 70 Demon Hunter: 6pc Free Set Build

S21 DH The Shadow’s Mantle Free Set Build
Skill Rune
Impale Overpenetration or Ricochet
Grenade Tinkerer
Vault Tumble
Marked for Death (Companion) Grim Reaper (Bat)
Preparation (Fan of Knives) Punishment
Shadow Power All in effect
Blood Vengeance (open) Ambush
Night Stalker (open) Perfectionist (open)

**Resource generation can be problematic without Karlei’s Point, adjust your build if necessary. Stacking defense should be your priority for now** Preparation and Companion Bat are here to tide over your resource needs. 

Crafting a Reaper’s Wraps will help IMMENSELY when gaining Hatred during the early game. Same goes for other crafted boosts that might help you such as Captain Crimson’s set or Aughild’s set.

The initial fascination of erasing people with Impale will set in once you see the cruel downside of the set – dealing with large mobs suck. The addition of
Marked for Death-Grim Reaper helps combat this (and to a lesser extend Fan of Knives as an option).

Very quick note here, the best way to play Shadow’s Mantle is to seek out and kill elites while travelling as quickly as possible. Since elites die almost as fast as whites, why bother with the latter?!?

FROM HERE, OUR GOAL IS TO GAIN POWER FAST. The next logical steps are Legendary Gems, and being mindful of the good items you need to find.

So, what now?

Torment VI: the minimum torment to farm. You can, of course, go higher. The only thing that would hinder you is handling the build. Just remember not to take more than 10 minutes in a Neph.

A quick review before proceeding…

Non-set pieces: Review

TOUGHNESS will be a problem soon. Get as many diamonds as you can and stick ’em in your gear. Also remember about ALLRES rolls on your gear. Ditch armor for allres on your gear! It’s very very important.

Gems: Diamonds are the best choice going forward since you will not need damage – you need to stack that defense early and often! For helmet, you can choose Topaz early on for RCR.

Get sockets on your rings and amulet in preparation for Legendary gems.

Belt is a godlike source of defense. DEX VIT RES LIFE% is the stack you’re after.

Impale% on boots is a must. While damage isn’t a problem, it’s a single reroll for a huge efficiency increase.

Cold% on Amulet and Bracer follow the same logic as above two rolls for up to 40% increase in DPS is godlike. While Ricochet is lightning, Personally Overpenetration is the better rune to gear for (Cold).

Do not be afraid to roll defense on places where offense is usually seen.

Life on Hit is godlike this early on. Thankfully, DH has a lot of sources for it. Shadow Power and the Leech Passive should cover you – so you don’t need to roll it on weapons or gear. Shadow Power also converts Life per Kill into LpH so that’s something you should look out for.

Templar. Make sure he’s following you! The resource regen he gives you is most welcomed.

AOE damage is also a bit of a problem and a bit harder to solve. We will be talking about this as the guide progresses.

Reroll off useless stats:

  • Armor – you get so much of it for free
  • Reduced resource cost – pretty much irrelevant aside from early game
  • Life Regen – GARBAGE
  • Excessive CDR – don’t need too much with many builds.
  • ASPD, Flat Damage – end game fine tuning stats, not for this stage of the game.

Reroll into good stats:

  • DEX/VIT – your core stats
  • ALLRES & Life% – your best defensive stats
  • Crit related stats – your best offensive stats

You don’t need the PERFECT stats right now, just get as many of the CORRECT ones.

Fixing your gear will vastly improve your game. Re-roll off those stats that won’t help you in any way. Don’t let sucky gear stats hold you back from progressing.

Gaining Power!

The only thing left to do is get legendary gems and gear to maximize the Shadow’s Mantle set bonus – helping you progress to the end-game.

Legendary Gems

This is the easiest way to gain power simply because acquiring them has little to no RNG. Getting 3 of your best gems will increase your power dramatically in a short time span.

Click on the tabs to see Shadow’s Mantle “Big 3” gems and “others”.

DH Fresh 70 Shadows Mantle 3 GemsOther gems?

Get these three to L25 ASAP:

Bane of the Powerful: A great first pick as always. Generic +DMG that’s “always on” and helps surviving elites! Cheap to build up since L25 “maxes” its power.

Moratorium: Hey, hey, wait a second! Moratorium is the exact gem you need to give you a better quality of life. Most, if not all, enemies will straight up die to Impale – there is no other gem that will consistently improve its power (aside from Stricken, lol). Moratorium synergizes extremely well with self-healing and you have a lot of that. It’s the one gem that will help you push torment levels compared to any other in the list. When you’re done with it – use it for augments for your seasonal journey!

The next option really depends if you need offense or defense.

You can use Esoteric Alteration early, and invest in it further or simply use it for augments later. Toughness becomes an issue real quick so this is an option. This beats Moratorium in the late game, but using both in tandem really helps your defense right now.

Bane of the Trapped: Basic DPS gem, while seemingly difficult to trigger – getting up in their face works quite well, given the L25 bonus. This is the best generic choice to level up next.

Any other gems worth it?

Bane of the Stricken: To be honest, I don’t know if Shadow’s Mantle will ever “need” Stricken.  It is the best DPS gem after the two above, simply for “+25% damage to Rift Guardian and bosses”.

Esoteric Alteration: A late game substitute for Moratorium… keep it in mind. Sometimes adding defense aids in GR speeds more than defense would (consistency of clearing).

Boon of the Hoarder: a must when speedfarming.
(See: Speedfarming General, Demon Hunter Speedfarming Primer, Best DH Speedfarming)

Just get them asap while slowly climbing the GR’s you’re allowed to do. Do neph/GR/neph/GR etc until you get the big 3. Don’t overdo the level, just go for efficient farming and cheap empowering. GR 34 is enough to 25 a gem.

With 3 of your best gems at L25 – try much higher Torment levels (VIII at least). So now the real farming begins! From here on, obliterating elites is still the game plan. You’ll still face problems with mobs and you might need to put a little mind on defense, too.

Playing the Build & Adjustments

Now that you have the base “power level” of your 6 set and gems, let’s take a short time to review How to Play the Build. Here’s some really basic tips for playing The Shadow’s Mantle to help you as you progress into higher difficulties. It’s by no means comprehensive, but still helpful.

Also, as you progress and get items, your build may have a weak point here and there that you can patch up given the simple skill, rune, and passive changes listed below.

Here, we discuss Playstyle Notes and Build Adjustments. But there’s not gonna be much to say, as Shadow’s Mantle is an extremely narrow set to build around!

Playing Shadow's 6 - BasicsOffense & ResourceDefense & HealingSpeed & Mobility


It should be pretty obvious by now. Impale ain’t the best anti-group tool. And killing enemies 1 by 1 sucks. But if elites barely take any longer than a pack of whites…. why bother with the whites?

If an elite kills you easily with a bad affix stack – leave. Just leave, man.

Hatred management is only difficult if you try to kill every single creep out there. Try to just shoot random Impales while Vaulting around. Kill fat enemy types while searching for elites!

Stack defense and try higher difficulties than you’d think possible. You’ll be surprised at how powerful Shadow’s Mantle is.

The playstyle of Shadow’s Mantle is all about positioning and timing (much more so with the full build). If you plan on clearing high rifts without the elite killing mindset, you lost.

More offense or Hatred /Discipline needed?

Offense is usually categorized in Damage or, indirectly, Resource Gain.

In case you haven’t noticed, the chasm between your single target damage and AoE damage is… irritatingly large… So it’s very hard to quantify what passes for a useful DPS increase.

Improving AoE damage is a losing battle – you need a very specific combo of items for your AoE to be relevant (Greenstone + FoK CoE).

For resource gainsBlood VengeanceNight Stalker and Preparation-Punishment are pretty much the best “balance” for your Hatred need. If you need any more, Companion-Bat is there, but honestly, I would look into CUTTING some of these – once you get into the “elite killing” mindset.

Ambush is something you should always have. It increases our one punch potential by a huge margin. Don’t leave home without it.

Cull the Weak + Thrill of the Hunt is a classic combo we can turn to! The cost of 2 passives isn’t too heavy this early on. You can live with just Cull the Weak once you have Bane of the Trapped at 25, or have a fully setup follower.

Vengeance is only placed in your bar once you have Dawn.

Barring the above, the rest are purely niche impractical offensive boosts.

More defense needed?

Defense is usually categorized in Self-healing or Damage Reduction.

Just to remind you, Shadow Power with all runes gives movespeed, damage reduction and an utterly ridiculous 50k+ Life per Hit. Life per Kill on secondary stats also contributes a lot to LpH.

Leech is the only other self-healing you’ll ever need, if you’re in the market for it – which I doubt.

Damage Reduction isn’t easy to come by as a Demon Hunter. We already use Perfectionist in our recommended build.

Vengeance-Dark Heart is a massive toughness boost, but again, useless without Dawn in the cube.

Awareness is something you’ll want in the near future – as you’ll be replacing many of our passives when your build matures.

Companion-Boar is not bad, but sub-optimal. Only use this if you’re dying for some defense (lel). As well as Numbing Traps if you can trigger it.

There’s not much more you can get in this department with Shadow’s Mantle. While there’s a lot of good items to help you out there, the base DH kit is slim in this category.

More mobility needed?

Luckily we have +30% movespeed rolled into the 4 piece!

Tactical Advantage is a godlike passive to increase speed. Never bounty without it! You can EASILY squeeze this in by removing one of the Hatred passives.

Hot Pursuit passive if yer really itchin’ to clear bounties faster.

Other changes for speed at this point are too greedy and I can’t recommend it.
(See: DH Fastest SpeedfarmingDemon Hunter Speedfarming ,Speedfarming General)

Items to look for

Okay, now that the easy part of powering up is done, it’s time for the farmy bit. I will be listing all the high-impact items you can pick up and how to get them (aside from drops).

Again, crafting a Reaper’s Wraps (recipe from Malthael) is great early on.

Blood ShardsDeath's BreathClassics
Using Blood Shards:

There are really only four items I want here; namely, Holy Point Shot, Nemesis Bracers, Chain of Shadows, and Goldwrap. The ordering of when you want to get what is up to you – depending on your goals.

Quiver: Holy Point Shot is probably the most responsible recommendation I can give to the world at large. While I value many of those four items nearly equally in the early game, admittedly this one has the most “pronounced” effect – effectively tripling DPS.

Bracers: would be my first go-to. Nemesis Bracers are what you’re after here! Wraps of Clarity and Ancient Parthan Defenders are also ALL usable for variants of Shadow’s Mantle builds. Nemesis speeds our farming by a lot, so that’s why I’d go for that first.

Belts: It’s only Chain of Shadows and Goldwrap. Personally, I would wish Goldwrap drops first to help out with early farming of higher torments.

Aside from these? There isn’t much else out there that doesn’t require, at least, a combination of items. While it’s not recommended – you’re gonna have to spend shards on rings from now on, which cost 50…

RingsCompass RoseElusive RingUnity – all great.

I might as well remind you here to do bounties for:
Ring of Royal Grandeur: Act I bounties, to fit all our greed.
Avarice: Act III bounties, for speedfarming.

Using Death’s Breath – Rare to legendary:

Without a doubt, the first thing you should be dumping death’s breaths into is upgrading Daggers for Karlei’s Point. Lord Greenstone’s fan is a welcome filler to help with AoE. Both of these Items affect your build in some way.

Karlei’s Point allows us to ditch all resource generation skills and passives – since we can NEAR INFINITELY IMPALE. Adjust your build accordingly. For Lord Greenstone’s Fan, simply add FoK into your build for an AoE wipe.

Upgrading 1h Crossbow for Dawn is the next step. Permanent Vengeance is good, I hear. Use the Dark Heart rune, or Seethe is you somehow need the Hatred…

Upgrade Quivers for Holy Point Shot if you can’t get it from Blood Shards. While this gives you a gigantic increase in power, I list this third as it has the least utility compared to Karlei or Dawn (DPS isn’t a problem early on, defense and resources are).

While I wish DH’s could use Furnace, we can’t. There’s no other weapon in the game aside from the four above which have relevance to Shadow’s Mantle.

The Classics: Good for any type of newer character and even the most battle-hardened of builds.

Ring of Royal Grandeur: “Break” your 6-piece to make space for a good filler item!

Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac: Infinite Resource with Preparation-PunishmentVengeance… a great “filler” ring that can allow you to “cheat” past proper gear rolls on CDR.

Reaper’s Wraps: Not so relevant on DH but can free up a passive slot (Blood Vengeance). Kill Malthael for the plans – and craft it! A legit early boost with no RNG reliance.

Accessory SetsFocusRestraint or Traveler’s Pledge. Completing any of these 2-sets is a vast power jump. +100%++ is substantial for only 2 slots.

Convention of Elements: Good ‘ol CoE. Wear it, Kanai it, as a filler or till the end of time. Learning to maximize CoE in any build you choose is a turning point for higher GR’s.

Unity: Straight 50% damage reduction in the cube. Too bad you need two of ’em.

Goldwrap + Avarice + Boon of The Hoarder: I don’t care how many times I have to remind you about this combo. Be on the lookout. Avarice drops from ACT III bounties.

Bridging to the End-game

So you skipped a whole chunk of the powering up phase with the free set. Now what? Like I always say, “Speedfarming first before pushing GR’s”. So, convert what you have NOW to be as speedfarmy as possible, first.

It’s highly likely you’ll transition into a PURE speedfarming build. If so, check out:
Demon Hunter Best Speedfarming Builds.

Other Demon Hunter Guides:

Check out our D3 Guide Directory for more.

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Getting the Free Set | Free Set 70 | Gaining Power! | Bridging to the End-game

Well, good luck with your Fresh 70 Demon Hunter …….

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  1. You keep mentioning to get the dagger, yet you never really provide any info on how to use it. Mentioning it all the time and saying how easy the game is after getting the dagger is extremely annoying, because i got the dagger and i can’t figure out what to do. Guide BTW..

    • Each dagger modifies one skill. Either you got Impale, or Fan of Knives. Simply edit your build to include one of these.

      Impale dagger – change your spender to Impale.

      Fan of Knives – remove any utility skill to include FoK.

      The daggers aren’t multi-item or build specific, they only need a single skill to be added to the build.

      The skill of editing your build is something you’ll gain as you play more, as it’s impossible to account for every kind of item you will get. I will add this to the write0up, though as you’re absolutely correct in the sense others may be confused on how to use these daggers, as straightforward as it may be.

  2. Hi, the 1H mace. I cannot use with the 1H bow. Any suggestions. Thanks and great guide for new players like me.

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  4. Is there something missing(/wrong) in “Items to look for” (” [/su_tabs] “)? Usually there’s Blood Shards, Death’s Breath and classic section. Cheers for the guides anyway!

  5. I was lucky to find “Thunderfury…” leg sword early in season, so when I extracted its Kanai power, it became a nice step to making Impale more anti-group oriented than before 🙂 that lightning damage

  6. Holy wow. I stalled at Expert level because I didn’t understand the 2 set bonus. I went from weakling to god in a few steps by reading this. I owe you one.

  7. Hi, I’m getting piece 3 and 4 from “The Shadow Mantle” set. I’m using 1H sword in weapon slot 1 and slot 2 (off-hand), I can’t use anything (because all 1H). Since we need Karlei’s Point and Dawn later on. We should able to use dagger or sword/crossbow (both 1H) together. Why I can’t do it now. Did I overlook something ?

  8. Meticulous Bolts is no longer in game, it has been replaced by Augustine’s Panacea. Other than that great site and great guides, I am feeling a sudden urge to remake sevral of my toons when ever I see the guides here.


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